Tech Innovations


The Steelman™Pro 12 Piece CV Joint and Axle Service Set contains everything needed to service drive shafts on most vehicles. The chromoly forged sockets, bit sockets, and punch are secured in a heavy duty blow molded case to provide an easy to transport, all-in-one solution for almost any CV joint and axle application.

The SteelmanPro™Pitman Arm Tool is designated to hold up the rigors of repeated use and to also reduce the time spent on the job. The 42mm sector shaft opening ensures that this tool will fit most applications, including late model trucks. The sector shaft opening is also tapered to ensure a tight grip., reducing tool slippage. Forged from extra thick, high strength cro-moly steel, the Pitman Arm Tool is built to last. The square threaded power screw is strip resistant, easily starts by hand, and transfers extreme force to the sector shaft, allowing for quick and easy removal of the pitman arm from the steering box.

The Steelman™PRO Pinless Swivel Impact Extensions get into hard to reach spaces where maximum power is needed at an angle. The pinless joint design prevents the floppiness that occurs with traditional universal join designs while still allowing a high degree of flexibility for attached sockets.


The Steelman™PRO Right Angle OBDII Extension Cable Set includes one foot and five foot cables to allow easy routing of scan tool wiring away from the floorboard of a vehicle, providing a safer alternative for using scan tools during road testing. The twisted pair, foil shielded copper wiring provides a reliable connection to scan tools and lessens unwanted interference from nearby electronics. In addition, the adapter preserves the existing data connector of scan tools from premature wear and tear.


The Steelman®PRO Sharkplug™ Socket Set contains two spark plug sockets combined with a shark tooth-like serrated edge. The Sharkplug™ Sockets allows you to remove spark plugs and, if needed, cut awawy broken spark plug boots that obstruct regular spark plug sockets.